The Florida Concrete & Products Association

2017 Concrete Bowling Ball Competition

Orlando, FL., — The Florida Concrete & Products Association is pleased to announce the winners of its fourth annual Concrete Bowling Ball Competition.  The contest, facilitated by the association’s Education Committee invited University students from around the state to submit fiber reinforced concrete bowling balls and posters detailing their design & casting process research to be judged in six various categories. The objective of the competition was to demonstrate the effect of fibers in reinforcing concrete, to gain experience in forming and fabricating a concrete fiber-reinforced element, and to encourage creativity in engineering design and analysis.  These students learned with a hands-on approach how to select materials to meet weight limits, strength & toughness of concrete, how to cast a round object, and how to achieve uniform consolidation to ensure for a straight roll.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the turnout by the various University students from across the state. The event continues to grow each year and the competitors have continually upped their game each year,” said Jorge Armenteros, of Lehigh Cement and Chairman of the FC&PA.

“We are thrilled with the effort that all of these students put forth and are already discussing ideas on how to further grow the competition in the years to come,” said William Dickens of GCPAT and Chairman of the FC&PA’s Education Committee.

The competition was well attended, with well over 60 people, including students from the different schools, professors and individuals from the concrete industry.
Schools competing in the competition included FAU, Embry Riddle, UM, FIU, FIT, USF, and UNF. This year the Southern part of the state came in very strong with teams from Florida International University placing in the top three spots. Florida Atlantic University placed fourth.

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