The Florida Concrete & Products Association


The mission of the Education Committee is to work with college and Universities around the state to further educate students about the properties of concrete. The committee engages in seminars, plant tours, classroom sessions and is also tasked with coordinating the annual Concrete Bowling Ball Competition.



The FC&PA has the tools at its disposal to position its membership to be an effective voice in the political landscape. These include an internal staff with expertise in government relations, advocacy and policy adoption, and a contracted lobbying team who is recognized as the premier firm in the state of Florida. The FC&PA is viewed by state and local elected officials as one of the most respected associations on every level of state and local politics.


Concrete has been used to build some of the longest-lasting streets and roadways in the world. No other paving material, no matter how commonly used, has been able to achieve the same performance as concrete. Compared to asphalt, for example, the advantages of concrete include longer service life, less need for maintenance and lane closures, safer and smoother driving conditions, cost effectiveness, short construction time and sensitivity to the environment..


Responsible for oversight of the FC&PA’s concrete masonry promotion efforts. The committees purpose is to develop a strategic plan to increase market share of concrete masonry in various sectors throughout the state.


The Florida Limerock & Aggregate Institute is an association comprised of companies focused on mining and aggregates, such as sand and base rock. The group works to protect the interests and expand the market share of aggregates throughout the state.


The communications committee is responsible for the development of the association’s overall communications plan including websites, newsletters, magazines and directories. The group is also responsible for the planning of the Association’s annual convention.


This committee is responsible for the planning and assisting with membership promotion and retention campaigns and the establishment of membership events around the state.


The Safety Committee provides a forum for the interchange of ideas relating to safety in the ready mixed concrete industry. The committee coordinates the annual Safety and Skills Competition and is responsible for the development of various safety alerts and updates to the industry.

Parking Lots

When considering what material to use for your next parking lot there are a host of options. However, none that offers the many benefits of a concrete parking lot. Economic, Curb appeal, quickness of construction and lighting are just a few of the. The focus of FC&PA’s Parking Lot group is to promote quality concrete workmanship through design, construction, materials and technical support. The group is a resource for technical information and or publications in an effort.


Concrete pavements offer many advantages to the driving public and the taxpayers of Florida compared to asphalt pavements. These advantages include longer service life, less need for maintenance and lane closures, safer and smoother driving conditions, cost effectiveness, short construction time, and sensitivity to the environment. In an effort to increase concrete’s market share throughout the state the FDOT committee meets regularly with officials of the Florida Department of Transportation.