Concrete has been used to build some of the longest-lasting streets and roadways in the world. No other paving material, no matter how commonly used, has been able to achieve the same performance as concrete. Compared to asphalt, for example, the advantages of concrete include longer service life, less need for maintenance and lane closures, safer and smoother driving conditions, cost effectiveness, short construction time and sensitivity to the environment.

Committee Goals:

  • To create a marketing program focused on municipal and county engineers
  • To establish a presence via membership in various area M.P.O.s
  • To establish specific roles that both association staff and industry personnel will play
  • To establish a process whereby results can be measured


Chairman – Josh Hutchinson, Cemex
Vice Chairman – Felipe Dias, Supermix
Frank Suarez, GCP
Tony DiMaggio, Lehigh
Barrett Bostick, CCC
Craig Leonard, Titan America
Ty Chiles, Cemex
Roger Schmitt, FC&PA
David Cerniglia, Preferred
Norm Lessard, Argos
Tom Malerk, FC&PA