Concrete pavements offer many advantages to the driving public and the taxpayers of Florida compared to asphalt pavements. These advantages include longer service life, less need for maintenance and lane closures, safer and smoother driving conditions, cost effectiveness, short construction time, and sensitivity to the environment. In an effort to increase concrete’s market share throughout the state the FDOT committee meets regularly with officials of the Florida Department of Transportation.

Committee Goals:

  • To create a marketing initiative to further the use of concrete intersections within the FDOT and consulting engineers
  • To review and revise the pavement selection manual on concrete pavements with the FDOT in order to be more competitive
  • To establish specific roles that both association staff and industry personnel will play
  • To establish a process whereby results can be measured


Chairman – Tim Kuebler, Titan America
Rafael Jimenez, Cemex
Tom Malerk, FC&PA
Gordon Mclellan, Lehigh
Adam Haly, Argos
Tony DiPietro, Preferred
Kelly Stanton, Prestige
Ty Chiles, Cemex