The mission of the Education Committee is to work with college and Universities around the state to further educate students about the properties of concrete. The committee engages in seminars, plant tours, classroom sessions and is also tasked with coordinating the annual Concrete Bowling Ball Competition.

Committee Goals:

  • To establish a training syllabus to apply to college level education programs.
  • To conduct training sessions with colleges and universities throughout the state based on various concrete applications.
  • To coordinate and stage the annual bowling ball competition in concert with ACI National.
  • To establish specific roles that both association staff and industry personnel will play.
  • To establish a process whereby results can be measured


Chairman – Billy Dickens, GCP
Vice Chairman – Dave McFall, Argos
Lee Holland, GCP
Brian Hinze, Cemex
David Rumsey, Cemex
David Nabavi, Cemex
David Schultz, Cemex
Ty Chiles, Cemex
Jorge Alvarez, Supermix
Erin Zimmet, Preferred
James Wallis, Titan
Tom Sinquefield, Titan America